Nicole McDonald

Counselor & FacilitatorBecause you exist, you belong

What I offer:

I offer gentle guidance and accompaniment in walking your most authentic path. Finding your way home to yourself is a process with many twists and turns and unexpected detours. I’m here to help you navigate through the messiness that is life and self so you can find a deeper sense of belonging. I want my clients to feel held, safe, and spacious to explore.

I might be a good fit for:

  • LGBTQIA people

  • Those who experience neurodivergence

  • People who feel they don't belong

  • Those interested in incorporating astrology, tarot, or enneagram type in their sessions

  • Creatives interested in exploring through guided meditation, art or imagination

  • People interested in exploring dreams and body experiences

  • Those whose lives have been touched by addiction or codependence

Services and Rates:

Individual sessions are offered on a sliding scale of $70-$110 for an hour long session.My sliding scale is in place to address issues of equity and income inequality. To determine if a lower fee is right for you, please book a free 20 minute consultation.I also offer conflict facilitation and mediation within organizations. Inquire for rates.Occasionally, I offer classes including a conflict workshop for queer couples/relationships and workshops on dreams. Please inquire if you are interested.I currently offer both online sessions and in person sessions at my office in NW Portland.

About Me

I am a queer, white woman currently residing in Portland, Oregon on unceded Indigenous land. I was born and raised in Utah and coming out as a queer person surrounded by Mormon culture I often felt repressed and like I didn’t belong. Because of my queerness, introversion, and depression, I felt I could never be accepted as I was, and would always have to put on a different face for the world. However, through therapy, finding queer community, and the growth and connection that I experienced in school, I found that there was a place I belonged, and a place where I could really be honored and known. It is my deepest wish that my clients will also find a sense of belonging and acceptance.I hold a Master of Arts in Process Oriented Facilitation and Conflict Studies from the Process Work Institute and a BS in Anthropology from the University of Utah. I received my clinical training at the River’s Way Clinic in Portland, Oregon. I have also volunteered at the Trevor Project as a counselor on the digital crisis line, working with mostly queer teens and young adults experiencing suicidal ideation or challenges around coming out, gender, and mental health issues.I have also taken two classes on neurodivergence with Nyck Walsh: The Do's and Don'ts of Working with Neurodivergent Clients in 2023 and Neurodivergent Somatics in 2024.Besides my work with individuals and couples, I also facilitate group conflict within organizations. I have experience in both 1:1 mediation between employees and conflict facilitation among different departments. I completed the Leadership Intensive Training at the Process Work Institute in 2021.Periodically I also offer conflict workshops for queer couples/relationships and workshops exploring dreams.

About Process Work:

Process Work combines Jungian and depth psychology, Taoist theory and somatic processing. It’s an awareness practice that helps people to notice and integrate lesser known parts of themselves. The parts of ourselves that we marginalize or that disturb us can be fertile ground for exploration and growth. Process Work doesn’t categorize things as “good” or “bad” but is a generous paradigm that leaves a lot of room for investigation. It offers transformation over time and also the ability to be with what is.Process Work theory can be applied to a range of situations including self work, couple’s/relationship work, and group, community and conflict facilitation.


I would love to hear from you and am currently accepting new clients!I offer free 20 minute consultations.Sessions available both online and in person at my office in NW Portland.Please allow up to 48 hours for email response.

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